Frosted Film with Printable Graphics


Frosted Film with Printable Graphics

During the last few years, office, store and home designs have become more minimalist. Uncluttered and sleek design spaces have replaced walled and uninviting private rooms.

OFFICE glass walls, doors and windows have opened up design spaces in an effort to get rid of traditional cubicles. This requires more privacy and adds more awareness of office activity. Decorative window film has become the solution to creating more privacy while adding a decorative appeal to any space.

STOREFRONTS are leaning more towards innovative glass décor that doesn’t overwhelm their signage. And that means more transparency for consumers looking into the store and being part of the action going on inside. This is often seen with retail stores, dentists and doctors offices.

Decorative Window Film offers sandblast window film with PRINTABLE GRAPHICS option to transform glass into an appealing statement. Applied to glass partitions, windows, glass doors and glass walls, SANDBLAST window film is the ideal film for printing your COMPANY NAME/LOGO or tagline in colour.

The benefits of frosted film (comes in a variety of textures, patterns & colours):

  • Offers security & privacy for workers/residents
  • Provides innovative designs for office space
  • Complements other modern design features
  • Bathrooms/Front Entrance doors & windows: Distorts images inside

The benefits of SANDBLAST film with printable graphics:

  • One-way vision graphics identifies the business
  • Attracts attention to the business
  • Perfect film to add complex logos to the film
  • Ideal for branding & enhancing company exposure
  • Adds a decorative & architectural design to glass
  • Adds visual appeal to interior/exterior glass

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